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Flower Power plant medicine

vibrational essences and potions. 

Danu has been making vibrational essences and herbal plant medicine potions ceremonially and with full plant spirit consciousness for over 20 years. Below is a selection of her essences which are available to buy individually or as part of a consultation. 

Danu is a member of the BFVEA. For futher information and enquiries about her plant spirit potions


Plants- flowers, herbs and trees.

Avalon Apple (Quert)

The most sacred tree of Avalon, the isle of apples. For wholeness, healing, calming soothing, strengthening, reconnects with the soul.


Holy Thorn

Holy Thorn, of Wearyall Hill.  Sacredness, Protection, Purification, Clarity, healing 

Asks what is most sacred?


Chalice Well Hawthorn. ( huath )

The tree of the goddess and the faery queen. Heart healing, strengthening, calming, empowering. Releases stuck energies around the heart.



Excellent for psychic harmony and clairvoyance. Heals shyness and protects. Clears and empowers the third eye, guides intuition to earth.

White Violet.

Like violet good for psychic awareness and clairvoyance, heals shyness, but also fiercely protects and empowers surety about inner knowledge and spiritual gifts.  

Pink Yarrow.

As for white yarrow, but with e especial focus on the emotions and emotional body.

Gog  Oak. ( duir.)

The oldest oak of Avalon. Guardian of the door to the otherworld.  For strengthening empowering, granting access to the memories of ancestors. , healing the past.


Magog Oak. ( Duir.)

The wise old mother, holding the ancestors and the future with tender care.. Also guards the door within, for inner knowledge, strength, empowerment, maturity, holding responsibility, and Big Heartedness.


White Rose.

Avalon wild white rose, the faery flower, symbolic of the heart and the ancient pacts between humans and the other realms.

 For healing, especially the heart, and loving. Brings wholeness, illumination, transformation and faery contact.


Red Rose.

Avalon red rose. Faery connection. goddess connection. Ancestral and primal archetypal connection. Brings wholes and access to the mysteries of the heart. Contacting the inner self.  Brings transformation and attainment of desire. Feminine mysteries. Good to use together with white rose.

Dog Rose.

Heals shyness and fearfulness.  For those blocked by insecurity. Understanding delicate energies / subtleties / details. Helps to find a path through complicated situations. Self belief and confidence. Heals apathy and listlessness..

White Yarrow.

Excellent for sensitive people, and Clearing away negative vibes, especially from the aura. Protective and Soothing, heals the energy field.


For protection guidance and higher energies, especially angelic forces Light. Spiritual exploration. Aids communication and connection.


Soothes calms, relaxes and releases deep tension. Aids sleep and dreaming. Smoothes the energy field. Clears intuition and psychic vision.


Powerfully grounding. Instills confidence and positivity. Determination and initiative.

Raises energy and increases enthusiasm.



For remembrance. Clarity. Intellect. Clears mental energies, refreshes from mental fatigue.  Breaks up hardness. Increases wakefulness, focus stamina. Aids concentration and balances intellect.



Protects and removes psychic parasites. Empowers boundaries. Clears and heals energy field. Helps to increase courage and strong big- heartedness. Sacred to the moon, connects and protects intuition and subtle energies, the feminine, subtle, and lunar energies integrated with the everyday world.



Confidence and clear expression. Empowers and heals throat chakra, Creativity and vocalising the self. Fiercely empowering instills confidence in inner knowing and thus empowers the path through life, be it the material, emotional, intellectual or spiritual realms. Helps faery contact and the transmission of spirit songs.  Empowers creativity of all kinds and aligns with the creativity of nature.


White Bluebell.

As with bluebell. Fills up the energy field with white light and heals holes in the aura. Fierce shining being removing   shadows doubts and negavity.



Grounding and building initiative. Aligns with prosperity. Draws in inspired solutions and the strength to succeed. Creates opportunities for change. Abundance. Balanced flow. Self esteem. Productivity and ambition.



Links with divine male fertility. Lunar and solar balance and seeding of the earthly realm with spirit and higher purpose. Increases sense of the sacred. Empowers and develops vital forces. Reveals hope and power in adversity. Links to the oak king, and the apple goddess. Inner sovereignty and divinity. Access to the divine. Especially used in combination with gold.  


Discovering the inner goddess. Laughter, beauty, purity. Hope. New beginning. Flirtatiousness.


Heals emotions. Instils cheerfulness and calm. Reduces over defensiveness. Ability to let go. . Brings trust and optimism. Eases tension and increases confidence. Sensuality and pleasure.



Draws in and balances solar energies. Hope, confidence, courage success and enthusiasm.  Heals issues of masculinity, fatherhood and the male principle.  Wealth and sovereignty. Optimism and health.



Courage. Overcoming conflict. Right use of defensiveness. Release from fight/ flight mentality. Reclaiming power. Trust, especially in relationships and spirit connection.

Evening primrose.

Heals alienation and a sense of rejection. Heals wounded sense of self, mother issues and negative ancestral patterns. Brings peace to issues of fertility and ageing. Coming to terms with the next phases of life. Graceful maturity.



Wisdom and accessing ancestral guidance. Clears blocks and removes negativity and negative energies from body mind spirit meridians and environment.  Strengthens and heals the immune system. Psychic protection. Detoxifier on all levels. Makes sacred.



Similar to sage. Aids clear boundaries, especially for women and female spaces. Releases physical tension.



The mender. Heals all levels. Releases tension, aches, pains, and tightness. Grounding soothing and supporting. Helps and heals anything.


Heals and eases communication difficulties. Encourages tenderness tact and gentle introspection.. Eases the pain of grief and assists in feeling loving spirit contact with those who have passed on as well as those yet to be born. Encourages gentleness in children and eases aggression due to fearfulness or feeling of isolation.

Crystal metal and mineral essences.



Good for the sacral chakra. Aids in positive boundaries. Healthy assertiveness and response to conflict. Conflict resolution. Grounding. Heals sexuality and anger issues. Orange ray. Extremely nurturing. Facilitates shamanic journeying. And dream recall.


Blue lace agate.

For the throat chakra and the third eye. Calming and visionary. Dreams  peace and calm self  expression. Serenity.  Blue ray. Eases tension especially in shoulders. Assists sound healing work.


Smokey quartz.

Grounding and earthing. Protects from electromagnetic smog. Draws off negative energies. Blocks geopathic stress. Calms and sooths fear. Encourages acceptance of physicality. Clears the mind to aid meditation. Helps cope with stress.


Rose quartz.

An excellent healer. Heals and sooths the heart and emotions.  Attracts love and peace. Strengthens empathy and sensitivity.  Aids positive  affirmations and transforms emotional conditioning.  Comforting and healing.


Herkimer diamond.  

Transmitter of white light. High frequency/ vibration attuner. Protection, communication and connection with loved ones, and higher beings. Clears environmental pollution.




Extremely powerful and protective.  Accesses feminine power. Intuition. Dreams dreamwork. Clairvoyance.  Empowers and heals the brow chakra. Vision. Protection Aura cleansing. Wisdom. Inner divinity. Provides emotional centring. Increases spiritual awareness. Transmuting energies from higher realms.  Purple ray.


Catalyst and amplifier.  Heals the environment, smoothing energetic disturbances caused by the use of iron, electromagnetic smog and geopathic stress, absorbing pollution, heals earth energies.  Strong affinity with nature, devas and the Sidhe.  Access to other realms, useful for scrying and for clearing energy from all the chakras. Transformation and transmutation.


Pink tourmaline.

Attracts love and increases pleasure. Stimulates passion, physical appetites, trust and enjoyment of life. Disperses emotional pain and stuck patters and energies, particularly around the heart. Promotes peace and calm. Eases tension. Helps to become more receptive to positive and healing energies. 


Selenite full moon.

Made at full moon. Aligns with the lunar energies, and higher vibrations of the crown chakra. Connects with the lunar goddesses and angelic beings. Assists connection with the light body into the physical realm. Instils peace and calm .clears and eases erratic emotions and mental confusion. Eases the flow of energy through the body. Can be used to clear atmospheres. Can be used around boundaries to protect and maintain peace in the home. Calms tantrums and overwrought children.  Helps insomnia.

Green Aventurine

Calms anger and irritation, protects the heart and clears the mind. Heals and protects from electromagnetic smog and corrects geopathic stress. Aids a strong connection to the devic kingdoms and powers of place. Comforts and strengthens. Assists creativity,  positivity and prosperity, aligning with universal abundance as well as assisting grounded practical solutions and money luck.



Restores purity and increases sensitivity and attunement to subtle vibrations. Lunar energies and faerie contact.  Protects and aids dreamwork and intuition. Develops inner guidance and gently unlocks the mysteries. Connected to arianrhod, assists with alignment with cosmic forces and stellar frequencies.


Full moon moonstone.

Contacting the moon and the goddess. Relaxing, inspiring, builds intuition help dream work, assists sleep especially for children. Healing & soothing.


Lapis Lazuli.

Powerfully assists connection and communication with other realms. Empowers the throat , brow and crown chakras. Astral and stellar contact. Abundance, sovereignty, insight.



Solar energies. Attracts wealth. Transforms negative into positive energy. Aura protector. Raises confidence, self esteem Energising. And detoxifying.



Increases inner guidance. Banishes negative energy. Revitalising and protective. Simulates immunity. And detoxifies..



For magical and shamanic work. Accessing the underworld and ancestral realms. Extremely powerful. Seeing beyond the veil. Deeply grounding, and meditative. Use with caution for experienced practitioners.



Powerfully clearing and grounding. Neutralises all energies. Protective. Aids awareness of the present. Vital white power.


Clear quartz.

Powerfully healing and energising.  Highly intelligent, balances energy.  Stimulates  

The immune system. Increases spiritual and magical evolution. Aligns with divine purpose.

Astronomical and environmental essences.

Avalon Beltane lightning. 

Union of earth and sky, masculine and feminine. Radical transformer and energiser.  Dramatically increases magical power and spiritual impetus. Creates sudden illumination and removes illusions and stuck energy patterns. Aligns individual with the power of the elemental powers.  Passion determination seeing the unseen radical catalyst for change. To be used with caution.

Powers of Place Environmental essences.

Chalice Well. Glastonbury.

The Vibrational essence of the chalice well itself, made with the powers of place.  Heart of the grail, the well of the goddess, source of the soul. To heal, to calm, to love. To attune with the goddess & the mysteries.  


White Spring. Glastonbury.

The vibrational essence of the white spring itself.   For Balancing, The Male Mysteries, access to the underworld, the realm of the faery king, Gwyn Ap Nudd. Clearing & Cleansing.


Ogham sigil tree essences.


Energetic and vibrational essences of Trees and their tree spirits, also energetically imprinted  with their ogham sigils. 



Birch  ( Beith)

Especially for ritual and magical use.  Freshness.  New  beginnings. Clearing and cleansing.  Consecrates and initiates new ideas. Brings the dawn and renewal.   


Rowan ( luis)

For vision and protection. Empowering, and increasing awareness. Especially for women,  Raises life force and vital energies.



Alder  ( Fearn )

 Shielding and developing courage. Bold forward movement. Protection and justice.  Mature power and heroic principles. For overcoming obstacles and assisting through times of prolonged difficulty.      


Willow  ( SAille).

Heals sadness and develops emotional flexibility. Eases bitterness jealousy and despair. Helps in transitions and transmutes toxic emotions and energies into positive and harmonious vibrations. Aids otherworldly journeys.


Ash  (nuinn)

Light bringer. For   strength power, determination and clarity of purpose. Contacting  the sun gods Lugh and ogma. The norse world tree, contacting and traversing other realms. Flow and fluid  motion. Attainment of highest goals. The  spear.


Chalice Well Hawthorn. ( huath )

The tree of the goddess and the faery queen. Heart healing, strengthening, calming, empowering. Releases stuck energies around the heart.



Magog Oak. ( Duir.)

The wise old mother, holding the ancestors and the future with tender care.. Also guards the door within, for inner knowledge, strength, empowerment, maturity, holding responsibility, and Big Heartedness.


Holly. ( Tinne.)

Catalyst. Resolves ‘spiky’ feelings. Anger, agitation and loss of control. Jealousy. Increases self worth. Banishes resentment. Sense of eternity. Clears the way for higher intentions..  Instils a sense of purpose. Hardiness.  Direction. Strength  to transform the shadow.


Avalon Apple

The most sacred tree of Avalon, the isle of apples. For wholeness, healing, calming soothing, strengthening, reconnects with the soul.



Attracts bountiful harvest and  completion. Instils hardiness. Balancing productivity with ‘being’. Manifestation  and initiative. Assertively holds territory. Tact. Respect. Hardworking  with ease. Tenacity. Pattern changer. Destiny reprogrammer.


Blackthorn  ( straif )

 For gaining stability. Roots.  Underworld. Lessons. Effectively dealing with constraints. Acceptance. Maturity. Grounded positivity. ‘sharpen up ! ‘

Elder ( Ruis).

Grace, beauty, timelessness. Magic. Faery connections. Dreamwork. Connection with the eldermother for guidance and support. Increases self worth and self respect. Regeneration.


Yew. ( idho )

Protection. Timelessness. Accessing beyond human scale time and space.  Ancestor connection.Attunes to the infinite.  Grounding.  Attuning to earth energy.  Memory.  Heals  damage due to excessive spiritual work.  Learning to ‘be’.


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