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About Danu 

Ever since I was a very small child, I have held a deep love of spirit and have always been aware of, and able to interact with otherworldly beings, nature spirits, faeries, as well as ancestors, ghosts and other things. I was fortunate enough to be raised in a family of psychics and seers, (although many of them would not call themselves that) and as I was surrounded by tales of my families supernatural experiences my own were in turn accepted and seen as nothing unusual.  My first deep experiences of nature spirits in particular consciously began as a four year old when I undertook  instruction by an apple tree spirit in my grandmothers back garden. I can still remember much of his words, and his advice and wisdom has stood the test of decades. This gift, I would later discover was called the ‘second sight’ or ‘Seership’, by my Celtic ancestors. By the time I was eighteen I joined an Old Craft coven, where I underwent my three initiations, emerging at twenty as a third degree priestess. During

this time I studied Gardnerian and Qaballistic magic and the Northern Tradition as well as the Old Craft, but my personal studies of the Celtic traditions continued unabated and developed into a deeply earth based Celtic 'shamanic' personal practice that encompassed much of what is now considered to be the Faery faith; working closely with the powers of the land and our otherworldly cousins. I also began to work with nature spirits for healing, using old ‘cunning man’, druidic and shamanic techniques in the making of flower and vibrational essences, herbal and elemental talismans etc.

I have now been practicing for over 30 years, and while I have been teaching and offering healings and readings now for over 20 years I have continued to undertake training from a vast range of sources, from Shamanism and healing, to history archaeology and academia, including an MA in Celtic studies. I have also now published several books and become a prolific writer and storyteller. It is my pleasure and honour to be of service to the path.


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