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Danu offers a range of distance and face to face consultations for shamanic healing and readings, as well as ogham readings for guidance and insight. She also offers consultations for flower and vibrational essences and hands on healing, space clearing, blessings and other services. 

Distance consultations:

Distance Celtic Shamanic reading and healing £90.00
Ogham tree alphabet divination reading £65 
Combination distance shamanic consultation- healing and reading, plus ogham reading £135 
Consultation and Individually blended vibrational essences based on the clients individual needs £55 plus postage. 
all via email, with in depth written report. 

Via Skype / Zoom

shamanic counselling sessions

Special rates for those in real financial need- enquire for details.

Ogham readings

Celtic animal and plant ally readings.

Email for details.
​One to one tuition, 
Space clearings including house blessings and wifi/ phone mast issues and sick building syndrome,


baby blessings,

and other work by request. Enquire for details.  

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