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 An Introduction to the Celtic Faery Tradition 

A Correspondence Course of seven moons. 

For those who feel the call…

An opportunity to explore the faerie traditions of the British Isles and Ireland developing Faerie seership, magic and communion in this seven part online correspondence course with experienced Faery seer, shaman and wisewoman Danu Forest.

Discover the touch of Faery in your life for inspiration healing and enchantment.

Explore the Celtic Otherworld and the four cities of the Danaans using traditional visionary keys and energetic techniques.

Learn the essential details of faerie etiquette, pacts bonds and protection.

Contact your faerie allies, cousins and co-walkers.

Traditional spells and charms with faerie assistance.

Casting circles and summoning allies.

Traditional lore of faerie herbs, trees gems and minerals.

Form relations with the Sidhe or shining ones of the high faery tradition as well as other faerie folk, and discover the faery beings of your own local landscape.

Join the lineage of traditional Faery Friends and Seers that have formed the source of British magic for millennia.

What you will receive:

Seven emailed ‘moons’ or lessons with practical techniques as well as traditional lore, together with individual tuition from Danu Forest, tailored in response to your experiences with the course materials. This course is primarily experiential, using the materials as a springboard for you to explore your own relationships with Faery, and as such Danu’s assistance takes the form of councillor and anam cara, or soul friend, helping you to explore the Otherworld at your own pace. 

Each ‘moon’ is designed to be a full month’s magical and spiritual work, but you can progress at your own pace up to a time limit of three months per ‘moon’- extra time may always be agreed on an individual basis. This is to ensure an appropriate amount of momentum is maintained so that each moons work is based on the experiences of the last. 

Each moon consists of a series of exercises and discussion on aspects of the course as well as relevant attached teachings, together with questions for your own consideration. A return email at the end of the moons work responding to as many or as little of the questions as you wish together with some comments on your experiences of the exercises will be required in order to be sent the next moons work and to receive tailored individual feedback. This feedback, and the following of any suggestions made therein is a key aspect of the course, as it allows the individual to be guided and assisted maximizing your progress and deepening your experience.      


If you would like to enroll email

Blessed Be!


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