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Praise and recommendations for Danu: 

'I can’t speak highly enough about Danu and the work she does. The work I’ve done with her has always been powerful and also well focused – I love her work around wild magic and her deep engagement with the natural world. The Natural Magic course I did with her really helped me to focus my own spiritual practices and she’s been a star in organising online rituals for a group of us over the past year! All of that doesn’t even mention her writing, which I love to follow, she’s brilliant at combining her scholarly work with her powerful understanding of the magic in this world. I’m so glad I found her!'   Tish

"Danu is a truly inspiring teacher.  Her guided meditations and otherworld journeys have deepened my relationship with Annwfn and truly led me into the inner grove.  Danu's on-line ceremonies have become a core part of my pagan practise and have gifted me some of my most profound spiritual experiences."  F.

“Everyone needs a suitable teacher or two on the spiritual path. Danu is not only a wise and honest guide, but she encourages the development of our own intuition. Her knowledge and experience in the world of Celtic Tradition is vast. I feel blessed to be growing under her counsel.”  Jaclyn

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