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"Celtic Goddesses, Witches, and Queens Oracle is a wonderful combination of exceptional art and a thorough guidebook, making it an ideal divination option. The imagery is vibrant and evocative, allowing the cards to speak on their own, and the guidebook is a perfect compliment, expanding on the imagery and offering more depth to each figure. This deck could be used for various forms of divination but could also be an ideal devotional tool, helping people connect through story and prayer. The best option I've seen for this subject." - Morgan Daimler, author of Gods and Goddesses of Ireland and Irish Paganism

Praise for Wild Magic...

"Wild Magic is an inspired blending of folk practice, mythic wisdom, and solid scholarship that draws upon the rich cultural heritage of the British Isles, Ireland, and Gaul. Informed by ancient lore, and grounded in Celtic customs by the inclusion of traditional chants, prayers, and spells, Danu Forest presents clear tools and workings that guide the modern seeker along the path to personal relationship with the land, its spirits, and the Gods and guardians of place."--Jhenah Telyndru, author of Avalon Within and The Mythic Moons of Avalon

"Danu Forest invites us on an immersive journey into the Celtic Otherworld. She has deftly interwoven both the practical and the magical, leading the reader towards an authentic alignment with the wild magic of the land itself. Through spells, exercises, guided journeys and folklore from the Celtic traditions, Forest shows us how to reclaim our connection to our own wildness and live in accordance with the spirit of place, wherever we call home. Forest has written a beautiful compendium that is especially poignant in a time when many long for a return to a meaningful sense of relationship with the wild."--Danielle Blackwood, author of The Twelve Faces of the Goddess

"Wild Magic is a rich and practical compendium for working magic within the natural world." --Philip Carr-Gomm, author of Druid Mysteries

Pagan Portals: Gwyn ap Nudd is a fascinating and much needed look at this God. Balancing myth and modern practice, folklore and personal experience this short book is the perfect introduction to the Welsh leader of the Wild Hunt and King of Annwfn. A wonderful addition to any seeker's library and essential reading for anyone interested in the Welsh pantheon or fairylore. --Morgan Daimler, author of Fairycraft and Fairies: A Guide to the Celtic Fair Folk

Praise for Celtic tree Magic....

'Celtic Tree Magic empowers the reader to work with the Ogham on numerous levels, practicality and spirituality interweaving to create an approach of depth and beauty. Throughout, Danu's heartfelt connection to the wisdom of trees - born of many years of study and interaction - shines through, guiding the reader on a path deep into the forest. With many useful practical exercises that serve to open the reader, the book seeks to moves us from a purely intellectual understanding to a living relationship with the trees of the Ogham.

This lovely work offers a truly experiential journey. With its understanding of the Ogham as a spiritual map that guides us on a path around the World Tree, it offers the reader a richer understanding of nature and self.'  Philip Carr-Gomm, author of 'Druid Mysteries' and 'Sacred Places'; Chosen Chief of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. (OBOD) 

'Practical, magical and beautifully articulated, this enchanting book offers a trusted and guiding hand through the Celtic forests of wisdom and magic. In these pages you will find lore, scholarship and powerful exercises that will encourage a deeper relationship with the Ogham. Let Danu take you by the hand and help you see the wood for the trees.' Kristoffer Hughes, author of 'The Book of Celtic Magic.'

The Magical Year is a fabulous collection of traditional lore, activity suggestions, recipes, rituals, deities and prayers to help us connect to and draw wisdom from the seasons. An invaluable resource for anyone new to the festivals of the Wheel of the Year but also an enjoyable read for those who have long celebrated these magical shifts in nature. --Philip Carr-Gomm, Author and Chief Druid of OBOD

An insightful guide, rich with Danu Forest's understanding of the ancient ways, traditions, folklore and magical lore behind the seasonal celebrations. --Glennie Kindred, Author and Artist

Praise for The Druid Shaman... A sound, practical introduction to a complex and wide-ranging subject. Danu Forest's guidance chimes closely with my own experience of working with spirits over many years. Integrating folk traditions, literary sources and archaeology with contemporary practice, Danu combines visually strong and spiritually apposite ideas with sensitive advice concerning our relations with spirit, as well as working with sacred sites. As Danu says, how we perceive the spirits we connect with as Druids does make a difference. Having been plugging the notion of Druidry as the native 'shamanic' tradition of Britain and Europe since 1974, it's good to see that it's increasingly catching on, not only amongst fellow Druids, but also amongst archaeologists. I believe we are heading in a direction that links us very firmly with the spirit of ancient Druidry. This is what I call rekindling the sacred fire of Druidry, and I believe Danu Forest's 'The Druid Shaman' will play a part in this rekindling. --Philip Shallcrass - 'Greywolf' Chief of the British Druid Order.

Shhhhhhh ...Can you hear the ancient dryad wisdom of trees? Do you know how to calm the spirits of storm and wave? Can you see theelusive and intelligent souls of trees, stones, rivers and clouds subtly infusing the world with magic, wonder and meaning? Do you want to know more?In this beautiful book, illustrated throughout by faery artist Dan Goodfellow, Celtic shaman Danu Forest reveals how to communicate with wild nature spirits for mutual benefit, working with air, fire and water, to grow in harmony with nature in all its splendour.

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