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Natural Magic Course.

An online correspondence course of thirteen moons,

with Danu Forest.

On this course you will learn to work primarily with the spirit presences of your own landscape, using hedge-witchcraft and Celtic shamanistic techniques to celebrate and harmonise with the seasons, work with spirit allies and ceremony in order to weave natural magic in balance and in relationship with the energies of the Earth.

Following the wheel of the year and the natural progression of energetic growth illustrated by the Celtic Ogham tree alphabet, through this course you will;

become proficient in tree and plant magic, and the Celtic ogham alphabet,

shamanically travel the three worlds and the four directions, gaining allies and guides,

learn to design and perform your own ceremonies and magic using your own sacred space,

learn earth based divination and scrying

contact the powers of place, nature spirits, elementals, faeries, and Celtic gods and goddesses,

perform earth healing rites ceremonies and techniques based on your own connection with the powers of place and the energy within the earth,

and experience the interconnectedness of spirit and nature that is key to earth based magical and spiritual practice. 

Guided by Danu, you will develop your own magical and spiritual practice drawing on traditional lore and techniques in order to find your own earth based way of working that is founded upon on your own relationship with spirit and the natural world.   

The course will lead you through three ‘spirals’ of ever deepening work and experience, and each ‘spiral’ is made up of four ‘moons’ or months installments, with a final initiatory thirteenth moon as the final month. 

Each ‘moon’ is designed to be a full month’s magical and spiritual work, but you can progress at your own pace up to a time limit of three months per ‘moon’, however extra time may be agreed on an individual basis. This is to ensure an appropriate amount of momentum is maintained so that each moons work is based on the experiences of the last. Each moon consists of a series of exercises and discussion on aspects of the course as well as relevant attached teachings, together with questions for your own consideration. A return email at the end of the moons work responding to as many or as little of the questions as you wish together with some comments on your experiences of the exercises will be required in order to be sent the next moons work and to receive tailored individual feedback. This feedback, and the following of any suggestions made therein is a key aspect of the course, as it allows the individual to be guided and assisted maximizing your progress and deepening your experience.     


If you would like to enroll 



Blessed Be! 


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